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Amazon’s Zoox developing self-driving cars to cope with heavy weather

According to a report, the business Zoox, which has owned by Amazon, will begin testing autonomous cars in Seattle. One of the primary reasons, according to Zoox’s chief technology officer, was the notoriously poor weather in Seattle. Zoox’s cofounder stated that the company wants to “test how water influences the sensors” on the cars.
A self-driving car company called Zoox, which has owned by Amazon, plans to begin using self-driving cars on the streets of Seattle soon.

The choice of Seattle as Zoox’s new testing site has motivated by two factors, according to Jesse Levinson, cofounder and Chief Technology Officer, according to Bloomberg. The first reason was to be able to recruit local engineering expertise. Additionally Seattle was a “hot bed of computer scientists,” according to him. The second reason was the notoriously harsh weather in Seattle. “Seattle’s weather is also a significant factor”. “Since it allows us to put the Zoox car through adverse weather testing and evaluate how water affects the sensors,” Levinson explained. Previous research has demonstrated that rain and snow can interfere with the operation of various self-driving systems.

As an alternative to sending out its robotaxis, which have yet to be seen in the wild. Moreover Zoox will send out specially equipped Toyota Highlanders to Seattle, according to the company. The cars will have equipped with sensors and self-driving software developed by the Zoox company.

Zoox’s Director Predictions

In an interview, Kai Wang, Zoox’s director of prediction, said that a smooth sea does not make a skillful navigator. Wang went on to say, “It’s the same principle for our technology.”

“The challenges of the Seattle area will allow us to fine-tune our software stack. Which will ultimately result in improved car behavior,” he continued. Moreover, Seattle serves as the headquarters of Amazon. Which acquired Zoox for an undisclosed sum in June 2020 for an estimated $1.2 billion.

Although Zoox was “completely independent” of Amazon, CEO Levinson told Bloomberg that the company was looking forward to “spending time with colleagues up there. “Moreover, according to Bloomberg, Zoox would open its own office in Seattle.

Zoox has previously put its technology through its paces on highways in California and Las Vegas. One of its driverless cars successfully navigated across six lanes in downtown Las Vegas, according to footage released last week.

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