Apple Watch saved man’s life after falling and hitting his head

Apple Watch can do more than just display the time, show notifications on your smartphone, or take calls. Apple watch saved a man’s life too, as we have heard in many stories before, and here is another one to add to the list.

According to a Boston Globe story, Dan Pfau, 70, recently admitted that his Apple Watch saved his life. According to Pfau, he admitted to fainting. One morning this happened and he fell to the floor where he hit his head and he started bleeding profusely. He managed to get up before tripping and falling again.

Then he used his Apple Watch to message his wife, who was downstairs, where he has eventually taken to the hospital. When he had stitches to cut off his forehead. Pfau said his doctors put him in intensive care for a spinal fracture he suffered that fall. Doctors said he was lucky not to incapacitate him. In this way Apple watch saved a man’s life.

With this in mind, Pfau realized that he didn’t really like the look of his Apple Watch. He said he had some better regular watches. But since this would be the second time the Apple Watch had saved his life, he said, “it would be stupid not to wear one.”

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