Asad Kharal (Journalist) was remanded into police custody till Sunday

Journalist Asad Kharal was taken to police detention till Sunday, June 25 for being reportedly detained on Tuesday, for allegedly fired at police officers in Lahore’s Kahna neighborhood.

According to a Police statement issued on Friday, three sub-machine guns (SMG), 128 SMG bullets, 41 SMG “empties,” a few SMG magazines, and 4 wireless sets were seized from Kharal during the inquiry, with three sets of charges.

On Tuesday, Kharal reportedly assaulted and tore their uniforms on two police officers, who had been assigned to protect him in compliance with the local court orders.

Kharal stated he would like to settle the issue by discussing the following event when top police officers approached the site. He supposedly locked them inside when the officials got to the journalist’s residence.

He reportedly shot them after locking them, but they were able to flee and save their lives.

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