Baths help me to relax says Alessia Cara

In order to make her anxious Alessia Cara takes baths. The 25-year-old singer disclosed that she had been dealing with anxiety so badly that it would turn into “full-blown panic attacks,” but she was able to regulate her mental health better via adjustments in her living style.

“I have had a lot of fear and this has turned into blown-up terror,” she continued. I had hours of panic, like days and end days, at a time. Some of my frightening days have been.

There are still days in Alessia where she “hats all” but today she is “comfortable and secure” in who she is.

She told the magazine People: “I was so young and I was so new that people had a notion of what you should be. It was difficult to maintain my own. The public always judges me and speaks about the way I appear and the way I do so, so I could do this for myself. I can do that as well.”

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