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CPEC bringing new era of development to Balochistan

According to a senior government official, the successful completion of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)-related projects will bring growth and prosperity to the country, particularly Balochistan.

Acting President of Pakistan and Senate Speaker Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani told a 100-member delegation of students from seven districts of Balochistan at the Parliament House that Balochistan was on the way to growth and prosperity.

“[The] development of Gwadar is critical for the country’s prosperity,” he stated, adding that people from all across the country will flock to Balochistan for economic activities, and that “this province would be in the forefront in the coming days.”

According to Sanjrani, maximizing natural resource utilization and encouraging education is critical to Balochistan’s development and prosperity.

The province is rich in natural resources, and the people of Balochistan, particularly the educated youth, may profit from CPEC projects, he said, adding, “As the future of the nation, the young generation should stand up and play their full role in the country’s growth and prosperity.”

Sanjrani emphasized the importance of Gwadar, emphasizing that the country’s progress was intertwined with Gwadar, which could be used not only to change the fate of the province but also to bring growth and wealth to the entire country.

“Steps are being made in Balochistan to encourage education. Soon, universities will be established in the Chaghi and Gwadar areas to provide higher education to the people who live there,” he added.

He noted that the Senate has played an important role in inspiring the younger generation by inviting various delegations to familiarise students with the operations of the Parliament House.

The acting president stated that it was our collective obligation to persuade the world that the people of Balochistan were progressive and would work hard to create new paths for growth.

Sanjrani praised Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts to develop Balochistan, saying the prime minister has paid special attention to the development of the province, which has resulted in the approval of projects worth billions of rupees.

Sanjrani provided extensive responses to concerns about power outages and water challenges, stating that efforts were being made to fix Gwadar’s energy and water problems.

Gwadar, he added, will be linked to the national grid shortly for Rs18 billion. Furthermore, the building of a 50MW solar plant may meet the power needs of one area.

A plan to desalinate salty water will be put in place for a lasting solution to the water problem, he added, adding that “there is huge potential to produce power from alternate sources in the province.”

Sanjrani further stated that he will approach the Chinese government about providing scholarships to at least 300 Balochistan students.

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