Daniel Craig was on the verge of quitting Bond before ‘No Time To Die’

Daniel Craig will make his fifth and last appearance as 007 in the forthcoming film, but he has admitted that he did not believe he was “physically capable” of filming another Bond film after the 2015 blockbuster ‘Spectre.’

“I believed I was definitely physically incapable of performing another,” Daniel told Total Film magazine. For me, it was a no-brainer that I wouldn’t be returning.

Daniel confesses that he was ready to leave Bond after suffering a knee injury while filming ‘Spectre,’ but was persuaded otherwise by 007 producers who promised him fascinating plotlines for ‘No Time To Die,’ which is now slated for release in September after several delays due to the pandemic.

“(It was) extremely amazing,” the 40-year-old star remarked. It was actually pretty moving. This film completes strands that begun in previous films.

“I’m going to be curious to see how it feels, this thing we built before this entire catastrophe happened and life was completely flipped upside down.”

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