Demi Lovato recorded the first ever sex scene

After filming their first ever sex scene, Demi Lovato experienced a “bust of confidence.” In the next NBC Comedy series ‘Hungsry’ the 28 year-old singer and actress recorded the personal moment and felt “sexy” as the session ended, although he was first anxious about it.

Demi Lovato wrote on Instagram “Had to film a sex scene today. My first! My first! I was somewhat anxious, but the actors and crew were so professional and pleasant to deal with, it quickly relaxed me. Then I was thinking of how proud I was to feel in my skin comfortable enough.”

Demi Lovato has already talked about its fight against body image and self trust, notably with regard to gender following their appearance in May as non-binary.

In the past, the sober hitman also has been contending with eating problems and recently told people that they may be hazardous to congratulate on their weight loss.

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