Electricity Rises 7.1% in September

The total amount of electricity produced increased by 7.1 percent to 14,032GWh (19,489MW) in September 2021, compared to 13,104GWh (18,200MW) in September 2020.

Increasing generation from nuclear, wind, furnace oil, bagasse, coal, and hydroelectric sources, according to Arif Habib Limited’s data, is contributing to the increase in generation.

In terms of total power, hydroelectricity contributed 36%, re-gasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) contributed 19%, coal contributed 17%, nuclear contributed 9%, gas contributed 9%, furnace oil contributed 7%, wind contributed 2%, and solar contributed 0.4 percent of the total generation.

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During the month, the cost of fuel for electricity generation increased by 65 percent to Rs6.80/KWh, mostly as a result of increases in the prices of RLNG, coal, furnace oil, natural gas, and HSD-based cost of generation. However, as compared to the same month last year, hydroelectric and wind-based power were both greater.

“The increase in [the] fuel cost can be linked to a 120 percent increase in RLNG-based cost of generation to Rs14.9/KWh as a result of a 125 percent increase in RLNG prices to Rs2,586/MMBtu,” according to the statement.

Aside from that, due to a 182 percent increase in coal prices, the coal-based cost of generation climbed by 67% to Rs10.1/KWh. The fuel oil (FO)-based cost of generation increased by 54 percent to Rs19.2/KWh, while the natural gas-based cost of generation increased by 23 percent to Rs8.3/KWh.

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