Export of sports goods increased by 25.63%

The export of sporting goods during the first two months of the fiscal year 2021–22 increased by 25.63 percent when compared to the exports during the same time in the previous year’s fiscal year.

Sports items worth the US $ 24,060 thousand were exported during the period from July to August 2021, compared to exports worth US $ 19,152 thousand during the same time the previous year.

According to figures issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), football exports increased by 18.79 percent in the same period last year, costing the US $ 11,032 thousand, compared to exports costing the US $ 9,287 thousand in the same period the year before.

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While the export of gloves has increased by 18.82 percent, the value of the exports in the current fiscal year was recorded at US$ 6,111 thousand, compared to the value of the exports in the same period of the previous fiscal year, which was US$ 5,143 thousand.

Other exports increased by 46.48 percent during the time under review, with exports worth the US $ 6,917 thousand exported in the current fiscal year compared to exports worth the US $ 4,722 thousand exported during the same period the previous year.

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