FIA has apprehended two Chinese people for illegal stays in Pakistan

Two Chinese nationals were arrested in the Jacob Lines area of ​​Karachi for staying illegally in Pakistan despite the expiration of their 30-day business visas, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials said.

Chinese nationals have lived in Pakistan since 2019 and 2017, officials said, adding that after their visas expired, they remained in the country illegally and continued to do business with local residents.

The two men came with falsified passports to Pakistan. In 2017, Zhao Yongdong arrived in Karachi, while Jin Bang Bin arrived in Lahore.

The defendants did business with Aesha Manzil in Karachi, Liakvatabad, Laines, and Ranchhor Line, they added.

Officials said the arrests were made after a source alerted them. Lawsuits have been filed against him while the investigation is ongoing.

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