Fiat Abarth will be fully electric in 2024

Fiat announced its intentions for an electrified future, even though Fiat is one of the few brands in Stellantis’ vast portfolio with an electric present. The Fiat 500 Electric is currently on the market in Europe and may eventually find its way to the United States. The most essential aspect of Fiat’s EV Day presentation is one focused on performance. The Abarth emblem, which was most recently linked with the cracking and crackling Fiat 500 Abarth, will be electrified.

If this feels like terrible news for Abarth enthusiasts, consider it a reassurance that there will still be performance Fiat vehicles in the future, albeit electrified ones.

This means for the Abarth badge is that Fiats sporting the Abarth scorpion will have more electric motors or more powerful motors than regular versions. To differentiate Abarth-badged Fiats from their entry-level stablemates, the firm may also improve the handling of Abarth-badged Fiats. Finally, we’ll have to wait a few years to see how everything works out.

If you’re an Abarth lover who misses the snarling exhaust tone of the 500 Abarth or the 124 Spider Abarth, there’s no lack of secondhand examples on the market. However, it appears that the all-electric Abarth-badged Fiats will put a stop to the formerly rowdy hatchback.

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