Intelligence agents apprehend a suspect in the Lahore explosion at the airport

A man has been arrested by the secret service on suspicion of involvement in the Johar Town bombings, Lahore, in which three people were killed and at least 24 injured.

According to police, the man flew to Karachi but was asked to get off the plane minutes before departure. The suspect was taken to an undisclosed location for further investigation.

On the other hand, the car used for the bomb explosion has also been identified by the police. It turned out to be a stolen car that was hijacked in 2010. The first information report (FIR) of vehicle theft was registered with the Gujranwala Police Station.

According to sources, police also announced that a car with explosives may have entered Lahore on the expressway. During the search for the vehicle as it entered the city, no explosives were found at the time.

Investigations are ongoing when explosives were loaded into the vehicle, sources said.

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#Intelligence, #LahoreExplosion Published in Lahore Herald

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