Mansha Pasha scolds social media users who criticize female celebrities outfits

Celebrities’ lifestyle choices are routinely criticized by the public, particularly those who are female stars, whose fashion choices are scrutinized on a regular basis by the media.

Celebrities are being trolled left, right, and centre for their fashion statements and decisions, according to the hashtag LSA 2021, which is presently trending on the internet and targeting celebrities.

While the vast majority of celebrities keep deafeningly silence in the face of degrading remarks, Mansha Pasha has taken the effort to express her discontent with the widespread slagging she has received.

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The actor from Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida took to Twitter to express her disgust with trolls who criticize female celebs and their dress choices. She called out the moral brigade for slut-shaming performers.

She expressed her displeasure with the awards show’s conclusion on Twitter, writing, “Every award show closes with a torrent of sermonizing comments under the photographs of all female celebs, making character judgments about how beautiful or dreadful she is based on her clothing.”

According to her conclusion, “If you believe that verbal abuse (even if it is well-intentioned or justified in your beliefs) makes you a moral person, please reconsider,” she said.

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