Pakistan has returned five more Afghan troops

Pakistan’s Army has returned five additional Afghan troops to the authorities of the Afghan government, stated ISPR on Wednesday.

The media section of the military announced that the troops had been returned at 17:45 PST after due process. Afghan forces were transferred to Pakistan by the military in Chitral’s arundu sector on the Pak-Afghan border.

“The Afghan forces crossed Pakistan after the proper approval. These soldiers were now returned at their request to the Afghan authorities,” the ISPR stated.

The ISPR claimed that Afghan forces with weapons, munitions and communication equipment crossed Pakistan with proper clearance. “The troops, with their guns and equipment, have now been friendly returned to Afghan authorities on their request,” he added. ‘In time of need,’ the military wing stated, “Pakistan would continue to provide all forms of help to our Afghan brothers.

Published in Lahore Herald #AfghanTroops, #ISPR, #Pakistan Published in Lahore Herald


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