Pakistan’s Army solider was martyred after killing a terrorist in South Waziristan

A duty soldier from Pakistan’s Army was martyred after the killing of a terrorist during a shoot out in South Waziristan.

Public Relations, Inter-Services said that a rapid response force was being shipped at a military check point in Sargodha Subdivision, against three to four suspected terrorists.

The misbelievers set the soldiers on fire. The army responded correctly by killing a misbeliever and wounding another.

During the skirmish, Lance Naik Ziaullah lost her life. He was from Mardan. He was from Mardan.

The wounded terrorist admitted that he would attack the military installation.

Published in Lahore Herald #Pakistan039SArmySolider, #SouthWaziristan, #SouthWaziristanTerrorist Published in Lahore Herald



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