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PM Imran Khan alerts Pakistan to a deteriorating water problem

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday that Pakistan was facing a water crisis and complained that the provinces were already blaming each other for water withdrawals.

The Prime Minister made the remarks during a World Environment Day event hosted by Pakistan in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme.

“80% of Pakistan’s water comes through glaciers and glaciers are heavily affected by global warming… India and some other countries will be affected,” he said.

The Prime Minister warned that due to global warming, glaciers are melting and if the world is not careful now, there could be further destruction across the globe.

The Prime Minister said governments around the world cannot implement their policies to protect and protect the environment unless they are fully supported by their masses.

He then called on Pakistanis, especially youth and students, to get involved in government initiatives to combat this, such as the tsunami of ten billion trees and Clean and Green Pakistan.

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The Prime Minister noted that due to the negative effects of global warming, Pakistan was added to the list of countries facing a worrying future.

Prime Minister Imran Khan lamented that the world was not paying enough attention to the environmental problems it faces and called for concerted efforts to address them.

Pakistan is one of the countries worst hit by climate change, with regular devastating floods in recent years that have displaced hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed agricultural land.

“Unfortunately, the world doesn’t pay much attention to the environment,” the prime minister said, noting that countries that have taken notice of this issue are in better shape than others.

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