PM Imran Khan remembers the kindness of Dilip Kumar in collecting funding for Shaukat Khanum Hospital

Prime Minister Imran Khan commended Bollywood star, Dilip Kumar, for collecting donations for the Shaukat Khanum Hospital Trust in remembrance of his efforts.

Today in Mumbai, Kumar died at the age of 98. For a long time, he had been unwell.

Kumar had died on Wednesday, at 98 years of age, revealed Dr. Jalil Parkar, the actor pulmonologist in the PD of Mumbai’s Hinduja hospital.

PM Khan congratulated Kumar and said that he has gained plenty of money for a cancer center in London and Pakistan.
“I’m sorry about Dilip Kumar’s passing. The Shaukat Khanum Hospital building project has been launched. I am never going to forget about this amazing collection of donations” he tweeted.

“In addition, the best and most versatile actor was for my generation Dilip Kumar,” the premier continued.

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