Taliban supports the rights of women says Spokesperson Zabiullah

Spokesperson for the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid stated Tuesday in his first news conference since the rebel group gained control of Kabul, that they are no longer harbouring enmity to anybody, would promote women’s rights and free media under Islamic law.

“We aim to eliminate the conflict causes. Therefore, no enmity or resentment towards anybody is present in the Islamic Emirates, “He added, interpreting his English words through an interpreter. He stated that “an end to all hatred.”

We don’t want internal enemies or external enemies,” he added. “They want us to live peacefully.

Former troops and the members of the government supported by the West, the Taliban would not seek revenge, the Speaker said, the movement would give an amnesty for former government soldiers, contractors, and interpreters working for international forces.

“The War is over […] (the commander) forgive everyone,” he remarked.

Mujahid stated that Afghanistan is at a historic moment in which the men and women of the nation are searching for the future of the Taliban.

Published in Lahore Herald #AfghanSpokesmanZabiullahMujahid, #TalibanSpeaker, #TalibanSpokesman, #TalibanSpokesperson Published in Lahore Herald

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