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Telegram update adds at least 10 new functions

Telegram today released a major update with features that touch on everything from video calls to auto-deleting messages, to audio when sharing screens and video playback speed. They even changed the drawing tools and added more animated emojis. Big!

The new version is 7.9.0 on Telegram and it has landed on my Android device. If you are a Telegram user, go to Google Play now and I’m sure you will see update too.

Okay, everything is new here!

Group video calling 2.0, a very poor performance that for some reason involves audio chat. Now it allows up to 30 video feeds and 1,000 viewers. Telegram plans to continue to expand these restrictions. But seriously, can we get a video chat button and not have to create a group, then open an audio chat, and then receive a video feed? Surprisingly the developers at Telegram.

Video Messaging 2.0 has been added, offering high definition video and touch to expand for more viewing. Telegram also allows you to pause/rewind/forward video messages, use the audio on your device while recording, and pinch the rear camera to zoom in while recording.

Video playback speed now includes 0.5x, 1.5x and 2x options. To change it while playing a video, tap the 3-way menu button and select the correct speed. If there’s a point in the video that you want to mark for others, the response with that time will add a link that can be shared elsewhere with a timestamp.

For 1-to-1 calls, voice screen sharing has been added so that audio from your device can be played to the other person. To share your screen throughout a video decision, merely faucet the camera button and choose your screen because the supply.

Automatic deletion of messages includes a new one month choice. It used to be 1 day or 1 week, but now if you tap on the three-dot menu on a call and then tap “Clear History”. You can choose 1 month to keep the calls a little longer.
The media editor offers greater editing precision when you want to draw on an image. To switch to painting and change the width of the brush, drag a point on the color bar up from the selection. The brush width also decreases when you zoom in on the photo you want to edit.

For desktop users, the pic editor currently permits you to crop, rotate or flip pictures. Moreover as add pictures or stickers. If you want to send this edit to your desktop in higher quality. You can also send it as an uncompressed file.

Additional bonuses:

The password screen has better animations and is “faster” than before
You can now practice your two-step verification password for any reason
If you don’t have a recovery email and you forgot your password, there is a new password recovery option to recover your account. However, this may take up to 7 days
iOS users get a new camera in the app

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