The most expensive ice cream in the world costs rs132,000

Has a scoop of ice cream ever thought it may cost more than gold? A café in Dubai has claimed to produce with edible gold the world’s most costly ice cream at 3,000 dirhams (PAK rupee 132,790).

Shenaz Treasury, VJ and Travel Vlogger, uploaded the video of her Instagram food ‘the world’s most expensive ice cream. Treasury called “Black Diamond” served at Scoopi Café in Dubai in a Versace bowl.

On her username with the title “what’s the only thing money can’t buy?,” Treasury posted a nearly minute video. Ice cream 60,000 rupees!!!! GOLD to eat. In Dubai alone. The most expensive ice cream in the world. Was it delicious? Hmm, it was fascinating. It was interesting.

The ice cream is made with the most exotic ingredients, such as vanilla from Madagascar and black Italian truffles. Adding Iranian saffron on the top and delicious 23-carat gold flake lends a sense of elegance to the ice cream. The delicious ice cream has a silver spoon and is served in a Versace bowl.

Published in Lahore Herald #MostExpensiveIceCream, #MostExpensiveIceCreamInTheWorld Published in Lahore Herald

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