Toyota IMC is having its greatest year in 28 years in terms of sales

“Toyota IMC reached a record sales of 6,775 units in July 2021 — the most since the company was founded in 1993,” the Indus Motors Company (IMC) has revealed.

In FJ21 automobile sales rose by 56.7% to 152,182 cars of 96,455 cars in FY20, according to PAMA statistics.

The decrease in automobile prices due to decreased government taxes and levies also stimulates extra car demand, followed by record-high Rs 308 billion self-financing as at June 2021 because of cheap rate interest. Rs 308 billion.

The steep sales of two wheels also boosted the need for petrol. According to large-scale production figures (LSM).

“We celebrate a new milestone at Indus Motor Firm every day — the most sales ever since the company began in one month and sold 6,775 units, Toyota Pakistan stated. Thank you everybody for supporting us consistently!”

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