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Two PIA aircraft that had stranded in Kabul have safely arrived in Islamabad

On Sunday evening, Geo News reported that two PIA planes that were stranded in Kabul Airport were eventually authorized to fly and reached Islamabad.

The other is an Airbus 320 with 170 passengers. One has 329 passengers and the other an Airbus 777.

According to PIA, there is a significant volume of Pakistanis and other citizens seeking to escape Kabul and would be operating three flights between Islamabad and Kabul tomorrow also.

Previously, when the US military evacuated American diplomats, the planes were not allowed to take off along the road.

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Sources at the Kabul airport said that two US military helicopters were blocking the runway. Four C-130 cargo planes, which are also part of U.S. military personnel, had landed for evacuation of U.S. diplomats in the last few hours.

Several vehicles from the US embassy entered the airport. The sources stated that air traffic control at Kabul airport “had no influence over the events.”

Sources report that there were one Emirates aircraft and another Air India plane that wanted to land. For an hour, before leaving without landing, he circled the airport.

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Diplomats from Pakistan, their families and other nations are included among travellers. There were several persons who wanted to get aboard PIA aircraft without air tickets. The sources claimed. Eight such individuals have been permitted to cross, while the rest have been turned away.

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